Prysmatic Labs — inspiring Ethereum developers

to collaborate for a better world

Innovative ideas and concepts into a bespoke experience for the global audience to experience.

Generative branding and comprehensive design system for independence in design endeavors.

A web presence that inspires developers to join their community and mission.


UX design. UI design. Branding design.


UX design. UI design. Branding design.


"Jessica truly blew us away with the work she put into this campaign. It really put us on the map in a positive way and she was truly lovely to work with." Jordan Chu CEO, Boxed Water is Better

The Solution.

The humble Ethereum heroes.

Founded in 2018, Prysmatic Labs is a grassroots team of software engineers committed to leveraging blockchain technology insights and software expertise worldwide to build a sustainable and scalable Ethereum ecosystem.

They are one of the eight core teams building the code behind the Ethereum blockchain.

They blend being remarkable and humble effortlessly. (No worries Prysmatic Labs, we'll brag for you!)

"What drives us at Prysmatic Labs is service to the ecosystem. We are dedicated to making blockchain technology 99.9% eco-friendly."

Embracing open source for greater impact, they code today for a better tomorrow, building a borderless community to inspire and empower developers to take chances and invite them to collaborate.

Prysmatic Labs definitely inspired us with their ability to work as a team. They showed excitement during our process together, trusting and allowing us to do what we do as experts.

"We connected with them, and how we felt is reflected in our work."

— Anna, UX Lead at A87.

Vision extraction.

When Prysmatic Labs sought us for branding support, we started by auditing their website both from a branding and UX perspective.*

Together we realized that communicating their brand was one of their main struggles.

Their vision was already clearly mapped out in their minds. All that they needed was someone asking the right questions.

We began our process by extracting the founders' visions, asking them to write and talk about their company, encouraging them to express what differentiates Prysmatic Labs from the “noise of blockchain”, and how they are committed to open source, positive impact, community, technology, and the future.

*As a UX firm, our branding work is user-centered and tech-centered, focusing on users and tech products.

The generative brand for developer autonomy.

The main concept for the brand is that it's always in construction. Much like their coding, it is constantly transforming.

The visual elements are building blocks, inspiring new compositions and illustrations. Allied to their developers' skills, the possibilities are endless.

Prysmatic Labs — keep daring. keep inspiring!

This project helped us get creative and try out different design approaches. They were super supportive and trusted us throughout the process, which made it an awesome experience for our team.

They really live their values and we're thrilled to be part of their mission to make Ethereum eco-friendly and support the tech community.