Acquire Invest —

Redefining private investing for the new era

  • We helped Acquire Invest to get both the attention of investors and users, differentiating them from the “blue hull” of financial service providers

  • We solidified Acquire’s design foundations so they can confidently market, grow and iterate

  • We scaled and sped up Acquire’s engineering efforts


Brand Documentation, Documented User Flow Diagrams, Design System, Mobile Prototypes, Landing Page Design


Brand Documentation, Documented User Flow Diagrams, Design System, Mobile Prototypes, Landing Page Design


"Incredible designer. Jessica takes a brand and tells a story so effortlessly, you may as well hire her right this moment." Phil Knight CEO, Nike

The Solution.

Alternative investment pioneers

The world is changing and so is the finance sector. Defi and Crypto make it clear every day that people need and want finance to be more inclusive. It's not a matter of status, it's a humanitarian cause.

Acquire's vision focuses on solving one major issue - Access.

They evolve investment products through the use of blockchain technologies, opening alternative private investment opportunities to people, regardless of their status.

"At times of change, there is massive opportunity. I want this power in the hands of every level of investor." Brian Harstine, Acquire CEO

Innovative pioneers, mission-driven, and undeniably unique, we had to let the world acknowledge that!

Not another finance blue icon on your app store

Acquire reached out for help in getting investors' attention for their new mobile app. As they  had their prototypes carved out already,  we started by auditing these - as we often do - both from a branding and UX perspective.

We realized the design wasn't consistent across the screens - they were lacking brand and style guide documentation and also a design system. We found that we could tackle the complexity of the many actions that the users could take on the app and took notice of what was bumpy, unclear, or counterintuitive.

As their project was no ordinary one, Acquire had a bold request: no matter what, we had to stick to their primary rose gold color. That excited and challenged our team at the same time since Acquire targets the male audience and typically these weren’t the pallet types we’d have associated with a masculine target audience. Their research data showed that users lost interest in the app believing it was for the female audience mainly because of the colors.

Our user-centered branding work started, extracting their vision and expectations for the brand. What they were trying to communicate, who they were speaking to and how their message was coming across. Keeping rose gold as the main color, our designers added secondary colors that also expressed their personality and helped to hit the emotions of their audience - male users already familiar with investing that desire to expand their investments. The logo required a revamp - keeping the previous hexagonal shape - but making it more elegant and attractive for their users as well.

"They wanted people to look through the icons in the app stores and go straight for Acquire when thinking of investing in something new. That's why the rose gold was so important." Anna, UX designer at A87.

One of our favorite aspects, that also makes Acquire so unique, is the many different types of assets that they offer for people to invest in. It's captivating.

"You can actually invest in things that you like. Music and movies stood out the most for me!" Anna, UX designer at A87.

From healthcare to real estate to movies, they open a range of investment possibilities across multiple industries. We helped them envision how their marketing collaterals could look in different environments like hospitals and cinemas, generating new design pieces and keeping the brand consistent.

One app, many opportunities

While the brand was being adjusted and documented, our UX designers reviewed each screen of the prototype and worked on new user flow diagrams - building a whiteboard on Miro, full of post-its and notations. They experimented with better ways to display the content avoiding the users feeling overwhelmed by all the different things that they can do with a single app. Some features that really stood out for us include the ability for users to choose various industries in which to invest, create a portfolio and account, receive messages and notifications, access calendars of events related to the investments they are into, to name a few.

During our weekly meetings with Acquire's team, we fine-tuned the flows until defining the final version that would be prototyped.  During this process, a developer joined their team and as such, we assisted by providing solid documentation around the flows. 

Our branding work was finished and it was time to express it in a design system, utilizing all the components for the prototype and also for future features and iterations. Establishing and using a design system avoids the "Frankenstein" effect that we sometimes see around websites and products, showing a lack of consistency and cohesiveness in the elements displayed. This effect  not only decreases the levels of trust and credibility in the company/product but also increases the chance of falling into combinations and choices that are not user-friendly - like the wrong color contrast and unreadable fonts for example.

We presented them two iterations of the mobile app high fidelity prototypes, applying two different color combinations excelling the iconic rose gold hue that was such a huge part of their identity. We are more than convinced of how cool, accessible, and vanguard Acquire's app is. Soon, the investors would be too. Now, this should become clear to the public.

Ready to change how investing works

Positioned for a successful round of funding and to scale engineering efforts comfortably, Acquire asked for our help with their landing page design. * The focus of the page was inviting people to own equity and download the beta version of the app.

To show and tell, better than only explaining what the app is about and how it works, our designers added many images from the screens that we designed. To take it even further the screens were also animated, drawing the users' attention and making them the focus of the page.

*Although landing pages may have multiple sessions in the menu - like the one we created for Acquire - they tend to be more synthetic leading the focus to one clear call to action. Websites can present stories with more complexity and invite the user to engage in more actions.

No limits for Acquire and investing

As is Acquire itself, this was a bold project. From the color choice to the assets and features offered to users. 

After starting the project, both teams realized that there was more work to be done than expected and the scope and timelines had to be adjusted accordingly. No regrets! Sometimes what could feel like taking some steps back is actually propelling the project forward faster and saving tons of time in the future. The consistency and professionalism of Acquire's designs speak for themselves and we hope that the strong foundations that we helped them to build keep captivating and growing this innovative community of investors!