Arkania Protocol —

World of Innovation in the Cryptosphere.

We brought the world of Arkania to life, inspiring the Arkanian community of blockchain investors and entrepreneurs to unleash the new economy.

Engaging with a new audience, communicating effectively with people of varying levels of crypto literacy, and educating those new to the space.

Attracting top-tier projects and blockchain experts to their launchpad that people can trust.


Brandbook, Design System, Website Design


Brandbook, Design System, Website Design


"Such great work" -Somebody

The Solution.

Unleashing the new economy.

From an old Star Wars comic book, a planet full of diamonds capable of expanding off-world connections and technology mastering inspired Arkania Protocol

A futuristic project with a nostalgic retro feeling that bridges crypto projects raising funds and the raising community.

Arkania is a multi-chain interoperable platform that invites anyone that would like to join their mission of building a new role model in the blockchain industry. Against whale wallets, friendly and affordable, they gather crypto experts and newbies to join the arkanians community.

"The idea of sharing their knowledge of cryptocurrency is very important. Their main purpose is not only to be a reference in the field but also to help people on how to start investing in it."

— Nat - Brand Lead at A87

A name you enjoy saying.

We were immediately drawn to Arkania's cool name, compelling story, and passionate team. We fully supported their mission and were excited to assist them in attracting dedicated Star Wars fans by showcasing their awesome story on their website.

One of our goals was to establish a strong and trustworthy brand for Arkania in a world plagued by "rug pulls". We wanted to make a statement and connect with our audience through a familiar theme.

Arkania world comes to life.

We updated Arkania's logo to reflect their vision and inspiration while maintaining professional functionality across all potential applications.

The unique color palette brings a softer, more approachable feel to the cyberpunk aesthetic. Arkania also entrusted us with the design of their new coin, which we crafted using the same core style guides as the rest of their brand elements."

A glimpse into the future.

Arkania is a super team to work with. Humble, open, trusty. We were both happy with how their vision came into reality.

They were heard and understood. We were committed to helping them create a community that resonates with their product, name, mission, and values.

Arkania invites and inspires people to a new economy. They show the sustainable relationship between investing and launching, bringing investors to support entrepreneurs and small businesses and vice versa.